Friday, February 25, 2005

4th and 5th person said it to me today. The LOLers are multiplying like locusts. Why don't they just...laugh? That pretty much gets the message across.

Started working at Tower Clock which means I can quit my Domino's deliveryman job soon. Yeah, I'm a driver. So much for the illusion that I have a white-collar $128k job on the side. About TC, every group has different dynamics. Almost everyone on this staff seems to be fun-loving but serious enough to get their job done. Just my kind of team.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just saw the 3rd person who actually fingerspelled "LOL" to me. What the hell? :)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Last Friday, went to a wine 'n fondue party *drool*.

I was devouring bread and melted cheese at a zealous pace and started to feel a bit guilty—there were other guests, after all. A certain GOP Xanger was like, c'mon just take as much as you want. I told her OK I'll be a Republican for next few minutes *munch munch* She remarked on how much I seemed to enjoy being Republican. Cute. Fondue parties, a new recruiting tool for right wing?

Next day, was hungover, pakked with friends, watched a movie. Anyone else saw 'Saw'?

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Wrote this last Sunday, but had to go before I could finish...

Last night, took it easy. Watched MD vs. Duke then a movie at a friend's crib. MD isn't that good and Duke's ranked as one of the top 10 NCAA teams, and MD just beat 'em for the 3rd consecutive time. I love it.

While I was there, I eavesdropped on another friend's VP chat—unavoidable because they set up the whole thing right in the living room. Private VP chats nonexistant in that house :) I had to chuckle at the convo because Jay, a Thai (half Italian as well), was helping a Thai friend resolve a problem with a computer company. The Thai friend wanted a keyboard set in Thai alphabet. Jay kept on spelling Thai names, befuddling the poor relay operator. For example, Jay's real name's Withayoot. I sure the hell can't recall his friend's name. The VP relay operator looked nervous and flustered, "Please repeat...? Say it again? Huh? What? Repeat please..."

My friends and I watched "50 first dates". I heard some bad reviews about it so my expectations were low and it managed to surpass them. Hearing shitty reviews really helps. I actually liked Gigli, for the Lord's sake. At least the first half of it...I just didn't have time to finish it. On the flip side, I heard endless acclamations about Citizen Kane being the greatest movie of all time and found it just okay. But maybe it was only because the captioning was fucked up (it was back in the olden days when we used VHS).

Thursday, February 17, 2005

We've just popped out a new Buck Naked Bison issue.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Woke up at 6 am to to the most pleasant dreams. Too bad I can't remember much, except that the last one involved the sun and frolickering in a warm blue ocean with friends...then next thing I knew, I wanted to buy a hovercraft and was googling with this very phrase "how to buy a hovercraft". When I got up, I actually tried it but no websites showed up. The fate wasn't speaking to me after all :'(

T-mobile bleepin' made my wallyball team forfeit a couple of matches. Since it was down for a couple of days (3rd such bout in less than a month), we couldn't communicate with each other about upcoming games. How come a FREE email server like yahoo's infinitely more reliable? My hands are itching to make that cancellation call.

Last night, was a judge for Mr. and Miss Phuniverse. Was just curious what it's like to judge contestants in an event. The event itself was outrageous, very entertaining so it was fun.

Enjoy your weekend. May it be an amorous one :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm gonna withdraw from softball class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm busy practically all day, from 9:30 am to 9 pm. On MWF, softball's my only class and it's in the morning. It's hard getting up early knowing it'll be your only class of the day and has only 1 credit. The deadline for withdrawal's next month. I'll be sure to show up a couple times to take a few whacks at that ball before riding off into the sunset.

As for my so-called softball career? Oh well. Many of my friends will be on a softball team this summer. I'll join if I'm still around. Right now, I admit I have a hard time respecting the game as a sport. Having playing hardball (baseball) I don't see any challenge in crushing that fat ball travelling at 28 MPH. And it takes away my favorite position- pitching. In softball, you don't really pitch, you lob.

But hey, maybe I'll be humbled and in worshipful awe of the game once I play it for real.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Something from my archives. A IM convo from 2, 3 years ago. When Saddam was in reign, obviously.

DaBamoor: to think adolf hitler was a baby once
X: he's a vegetarian, too.
DaBamoor: cows were higher than jews in his eyes huh?
DaBamoor: u know saddam hussein loves 'friends'?
X: really? ha
DaBamoor: there was a magazine piece on him abt a month ago
X: if anybody interrupt him while watching 'friends,' they'll be executed.
DaBamoor: ha
DaBamoor: wonder who's his fave character- pheobe?
X: heh
X: 'mr. hussein, a call from president bush.'
X: 'nuke him.'
DaBamoor: and it says sometimes just to show who s the boss, he keeps associates who want to see him waiting for days in the lobby
DaBamoor: they cant leave until they see him
X: which magazine is that?
DaBamoor: im trying to remmy.. a political magazine.. its cover caught my attention
DaBamoor: im googling to see if the article's online
X: hmm. checked www on hitler as vegetarian - it was long discredited. an interview with his personal gorment chef revealed that hitler "had a special fondness for Bavarian sasauges.."
X: he was placed on vegetarian diet as a child "to cure him of flatulence and a chronic stomach disorder.."
DaBamoor: heh
DaBamoor: flatulence
X: he farts.
X: he also like to eat stuffed squab
DaBamoor: stuffed squab: meal of the devil
X: haha
X: squab...pigeon.
X: plenty of squab in DC.
X: he got sweet tooth too
X: "He was a connoisseur of sweets, crystallized fruit and cream cakes, which he consumed in astonishing quantities. He drank tea and coffee drowned in cream and sugar. No dictator ever had a sweeter tooth."
DaBamoor: copied from the web?
X: yeah
DaBamoor: the last line's funny
DaBamoor: just stumbled upon a letter saddam hussein supposedly wrote to an american citizen.. get an idea of what a letter from him is like
DaBamoor: jainism?
X: thank you, brother benjamin, for sharing this compassionate letter from saddam hussein
DaBamoor: heh.. he sounds surprisingly rational
X: that is, if it's really an email from him
DaBamoor: yeah
DaBamoor: it must be real.. it was sent from
DaBamoor: just kidding.. but im pretty sure he has an email addy
X: yeah. to think that you can email him.
DaBamoor: maybe it s
X: heh heh
DaBamoor: or

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Some people asked me what happened to Buck Naked Bison. It's back to its original domain name, If you've already read the Dec. issue, don't bother checking it out- nothing new there. Next issue should go to press sometimes next week.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tell me about the last time you mooned somebody.