Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last night, I was in the pool for scuba diving class and about 100 feet away, Senators and Congressmen were huffing up and down the basketball court for the annual Republicans vs. Democrats fundraiser game. Before I went to the pool, I saw I. King Jordan hobnobbing with the bigwigs in the gym and told classmates, "Guess who won't make it to the class tonight."

Snorkeling's fun but being able to breathe underwater takes the swimming experience to a whole new level. It was awesome slithering in the pool's deep end with all the time in the world.

On the last weekend of April, we'll go to a quarry in PA for our first open water dive and certification. Will be good to see some fishies but the water's gonna be 50 degrees.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ten Angry Deaf People

Five men chained to a woman. Ten people making a jailbreak. The networks are trying way too hard to think of clever twists on the reality genre. What would we at Soundbitten produce, if someone finally acknowledged our programming genius and let us make shows? Ten Angry Deaf People. Think about it. The biggest weakness of the reality genre is all the boring talk. But with deaf people, there is no talking, just lots of mysterious and dramatic gestures. And when have you ever seen ten deaf people together at the same time? And all of them mad at each other? Once, many years ago, we saw just three deaf people arguing in a restaurant and it was one of the most compelling spectacles we've ever seen. We're telling you, Mr. Sassa: Ten Angry Deaf People.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'll be damned. I just watched a TV program in which a white family lives with a black family and get this, they switch races. Professional make-up artists turn the white family black and vice versa. It's so they can experience the world of the other race.

It was on FX channel at 10 pm EST. "Black. White."

The white family could easily pass as blackā€”the dad was a bit iffy, tho. But with the black family, only the dad could look white. The mom had the typical big african american nose and lips so she looked biracial at best. The son looked like Michael Jackson's offspring.

EDIT: In the beginning, the black family taught the whitebreads how to act black. The white woman said something like, "So uh I guess when I come in (to an event where she would have to interact with black people), I'll like high-five everyone and talk in jive?" I could see the black family struggling not to roll their eyes so hard that they spin like casino slot machines.

Ah here's a link to a review by a real writer:

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I know older ladies are generally nice but there is something slightly instrusive about Asian women's niceness. Is it just me or do they treat everyone as if they were their aunt?

And why are all dry cleaning places owned by Koreans? Is there a dry cleaning university in Seoul that I don't know about?