Saturday, October 29, 2005

Infantilism: the latest rage at Gallyland.

That's Tim. He was pissed at us for buying that costume. Then he saw the light and embraced it. After we got dressed up for the Haunted House, there was a fire alarm. All of us had to go outside. As you can see, comedy ensued.

For the full impact, see him in a dark room lit by strobe light. (BTW psst...he had to change his diapers twice.)

See the previous post for explanation. Click to enlarge.

Friday, October 28, 2005

A couple of friends got attacked on L St. 2 nights ago. One of them was shot clean through his thigh when he was running away. Yesterday he was walking just fine and pulled up his shorts to show me his 2 wounds—entry & exit. Good thing it was only a .9. He was laughing about it. He was tickled pink about being able to say he was shot once.

Tower Clock staff's been working on its section in the Haunted House at Ole Jim (all student organizations host it together). A couple of staffers and I went out to buy costumes and shit. We decided that a mix of sweet innocence and horror would be more disturbing than the tired old vampires and ghosts. So we bought costumes of Baby Doll and Tinkerbell (along with a jail escapee, a nun and a doctor) and have the staffers who wear them put on bloody, gruesome make up.

When Tim W., the EIC, first saw those costumes, he exploded into a stream of furious WTFs. I laughed until I cried. The thought of him thinking that we'd plan to have earnest babies and fairies in a haunted house...

My idea for the baby is to have it crawl slowly up a hallway to every visiting group, carrying a doll or a baby bottle, then suddenly swivel its head up to reveal a hideous, snarling face. In the tune of 'Trainspotting'.

As for the fairy costume, it was a mistake. We sold it to a frosh chick.

Speaking of froshies, Class of 2009's section's theme is very anti-Buff and Blue. You see, BnB published a couple of columns telling them to grow up. Ooo.

What will you be on Halloween?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

In the living room waiting for the housing inspector to ring the doorbell, working on an anthropology paper (5-9 pages on how deaf people use pagers—one assignment the current prof carried over from Ms. Grant *big eye roll*), and watching Casino the movie.

The new anthropology prof is steady, not spectacular. It's really from the textbook that I learned a lot of interesting shit. She has a cheerful disposition but it's funny how little it takes to rattle her. Yesterday, a student kept on opening and closing her mouth and it infuritated her. She also didn't like it when another student rocked her head sideways and she kept on telling her to stop. Professors don't realize it's distracting to us if they're easily distracted.

Looks like it'll be chilly and rainy this weekend—HC weekend. It hasn't rained much lately, but when it does, it sure know how to pick great times.

Alright, back to the paper...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An ex-housemate of mine would've loved this. A magazine for alkies.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The rain rained on my parade last weekend. A bunch of people and I were gonna play paintball. We had to take a rain check. GET IT? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

On the bright side, maybe the grass'll turn green again. Before the weekend, some TV weather guy said we had less than 1 inch of rain in last 2 months.

I notice more and more locals are using bicycle.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Field House's basement's full of dumb, cliched motivational quotations posted by PE professors/coaches. But this takes the cake. There's a clipping of a newspaper article about Julius Peppers, who plays defensive end for the Carolina Panthers. There's a paragraph that sings praises about what a genetic freak he is. He's 6-7 and can explode, etc. Next to it is a written note: "If you follow BSF program, you can be as good as him!!!"