Monday, January 30, 2006

First time I saw a teacup chihuahua. Yep, like Paris Hilton's handdog Tinkerbell. Its owner handed it to me and it trembled in my hands. It's amusing but not my cup of tea :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So this sweet break draws to a close. Unusually high number of students stayed in DC. Never have I partied so much during a winter break. The last 2 days, I rested. I chilled. I'm like refrigerated food now. I'm itching to get back in action.

Anyone seen the British version of 'The Office'?

The Buck Naked Bison staff has yet to convene about the next issue. Right now, I'm working on possible topics for the articles. If you happen to have a great idea, or even want to contribute a 'guest' piece, don't hestitate to contact me. Also, we'll do this fundraising valentine thing again (it didn't work last year because of a bad database connection). We'll have to decide which cause or organization is most worthy of a donation. If you know of one, please LMK.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Your Inner European is Swedish!

Relaxed and peaceful.

You like to kick back and enjoy life.

Well, what's yours?

Monday, January 02, 2006

When I bought a digital camera last fall, I didn't know there were steps to becoming a bona fide camera owner.

1) Buy a camera.
2) Remember that I own a camera. I got over this hump just a month ago. Then...
3) Remember to take the camera out of my pocket and actually take pictures.

Watching the ball drop.

Jason's eye's the only reason I'm posting this. (Click for close-up)

Yeah, booze was readily available and flowin'. (Also see below)

I don't remember this moment. I must be scowling because Joy snatched my camera. Or maybe I was trying my damnedest to poop *shrug*

I won't be a bona fide digital camera owner until I post some drunken pics of people & me, with our faces SQUASHED TOGETHER. By this late April hopefully.