Friday, July 22, 2005

DCers: ultimate frisbee tonight, poker tomorrow, pool party on Sunday. More info, page me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Deaf education right now is doomed to Catch-22. To have enough deaf teachers for deaf kids, almost all of the lucky few who have beaten the obstacle of having broken eardrums would have to teach. But if they did, deaf education would be just a self-perpetuating cycle, contributing nothing to the world at large.

What if there's a program in which deaf college grads dedicate the first 2 years of post-college life to deaf education before moving on to plum jobs? Much like Peace Corp for the deaf America. Within a given 2 year span, let's say there are 600 deaf graduates from Gallaudet, RIT, CSUN and ASU. 600 deaf teachers nationwide—not bad. Of course, realistically, not all of them would be willing or even be suited for teaching at all. Mere 200 still would be about 5-10 times the rate those schools typically churn out.

You don't need a degree in education to teach well. I speak from experience. When I was a sub teacher, I didn't receive training yet many Kendall students said I was better at teaching them than their regular teachers. I felt like I could teach them anything. It isn't because I was so great. It's because I could communicate with them. Plus they probably find young deaf adults infinitely more intriguing than hearing old farts.

I still think the single best strategy to improve deaf people's literacy is to broadcast a national public service TV commercial that would educate hearies how to raise deaf kids. Have high expectations, communicate visually, read to them, and all that shit.

Monday, July 11, 2005

A post by a Xanger cracked me up. Copy 'n paste of a message board. What's funnier than a bunch of stoners wondering how deaf people wake up? Not much.

That reminds me, I talked with that Xanger, Brianne, about a coupla weeks ago. I told her I never buy women drinks. I buy drinks for my friends, regardless the gender, sure, but not for female strangers to meet them. I mean, buying a woman drinks is like trying to buy her attention. She seemed stunned and asked me how I meet women. I said I just talk with them. She dropped her jaws, looking as if I solved Fermat's last theorem. She said I better not impart this little gem of wisdom to other guys or her nights of expense-free drinking would be over.

Don't worry, the secret's safe with me ;P

;P isn't too bad. I've warmed up to it. ;( now is officially the stupidest emoticon.

And no matter what, :o(~ will never be cool in my book.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

When working on Tower Clock, Gallaudet's yearbook, I noticed a couple of things about the Greeks. First, Alpha Sigma Phi has more officers than regular brothers. Second, Kappa Gamma has the most members of any Greek organization...and its slogan is "The Chosen Few" :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Life's been good and ordinary. No 6-4 topless women strolling in areas of commerce and no childhood friends trying to sell me firearms. Nevertheless I feel like I have a lot to say. It's just a matter of remembering what.

I'll just start with the latest bombshell, no pun intended. The attacks in London. Here's a thought: the media truly is a terrorist's best friend. Without its coverage, his mission'd be pointless.

The media provide terrorist groups free commercial air time by broadcasting their tapes. They bring glory to them simply by announcing their responsibility or printing the names of the individual terrorists and, in many cases, their pictures.

No wonder terrorism is an attractive field for impoverished, disgruntled, bored young men hungry for some acclaim. And 72 celestial cherries.